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We offer a wide range of branded and private label fashion products, as well as sourcing and manufacturing operations around the globe. Our team is dedicated to providing both retailers and consumers with the best possible service and product quality.

  • Sales

    Our team is available to visit yarn and garment fairs worldwide. We keep up with the latest trends by relying on many years of experience in retail, textile industry, as well as technology advances such that we can discuss individual developments closely at our partners' request!

  • Design

    They're the talent behind our designs. Gathered long time work experience for different labels, they can satisfy individual customer requests from luxury-to commercial brands and prepare collection updates on a monthly basis to offer current & trendy styles using their technical knowhow with creativity in following fashion trends.

  • Merchandising

    We're a Merchandise Team that can do it all! We act on the spot and have profound knowledge of textile industry. Our goal is to translate any idea into final product for you, our clients - from accessories or apparel fabrics right down t-shirts sizes; we've got them covered (and then some).

  • Logistics

    The logistics team is in charge of importing products from different countries around the world and then serving them for our clients. They ensure that these items are distributed efficiently until they reach their final sale, which can involve anything like labeling or packaging things differently depending on where you're trying to sell it!

  • Cashmere

    From the Himalayas, the finest and lightest wool comes to make the coziest sweaters. The Cashmere goats have been bred for centuries to produce this luxurious fiber that is eight times more insulating than sheep's wool!

  • Merino Wool

    Delicate, soft, fluid, and breathable Merino Wool sweaters.

  • Cotton

    Cotton knitwear is the perfect choice for everything from lounging around at home to dressing up for a special occasion. With a jersey, rib or interlock weave, cotton knitwear is breathable and moves with you, making it perfect for any activity or climate. Choose 100% cotton for supreme comfort and softness, or opt for a cotton/spandex blend for added stretch and movement.

  • Linen

    Breathable and lightweight, linen knits are perfect for breezy tank tops, t-shirts, and dresses. With a full-bodied drape and slight textured slubs, these fabrics add depth and interest to your finished pieces.

  • Blends and Other Fibers

    The main spinning mills in the world are constantly developing new product mixes to offer different textures, finishes and benefits in finished products. That is why we are in constant communication and search to offer all the possibilities of the market to our clients.

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The Factories

Our products are all proudly made in Madagascar.

Our goods are available duty free to Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, South Africa and many more countries.

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